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World Class Employer Branding Training

Do you work with Employer Branding on an international level? In order to build a long-term talent management strategy you need to have “glocal” perspective. HR professionals working with different countries and regions need to know how to build global strategies, adapting them to regional needs and - equally important – juggling it all with tactical local initiatives. Employer Branding when done right brings together business units and regions, with a shared and strategic view on Employer Branding. In this course, you will learn how to work on both levels building strategies that will help you to stay on top of both long-term strategies and short-term activities. The course combines online training with face-to-face seminars and lectures, giving you the knowledge, templates and tools to secure the best talent for your organisation and at the same time helping you excel in your professional development.

In partnership with Universum

You will finish the course feeling confident with a high level of knowledge

  • The importance of Employer Branding
  • Employer value proposition
  • Strategic and
    tactical tools
  • Best practices
  • Business objectives
  • Communication strategies

High level insights and networking opportunities

  • Unique insights

    The course will give you the skills, tools and knowledge needed to build your employer branding strategy, execute it and measure your results.

  • Meet the experts
    in the field

    There will be two in-person meetings in a city of your choice.

  • Flexible studies

    8 weeks of e-learning that can easily fit around work commitments

    The course includes 2-5 hours of study per week.

  • Alumni network

    The course will give you access to a unique international network of fellow professionals that share knowledge and best practices.

  • Certificate

    When you have completed the course you will hold a unique certificate, giving you the world’s highest regarded qualification within the field of Employer Branding.

Locations and dates for kick-offs and certification days

Make sure you save these dates in your calendar

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Kick off dates for the hubs

  • New York – Apr 24th
  • Singapore – Apr 24th
  • Stockholm – Apr 24th
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Final certification days

  • New York – Jun 16th
  • Stockholm – Jun 16th
  • Singapore – Jun 16th
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The Timeline

  • Kick-off day

    Apr 24th
  • Modules 1-2

    Week 1-4
  • Halfway webinar

    May 18th
  • Modules 3-4

    Week 5-8
  • Certification

    Jun 16th

World Class Employer Branding International

US $ 2790
  • Reading materials – digital
  • Certification diploma and digital badge
  • An exclusive membership in our alumni network, for continuous best practice sharing
  • One full day introduction seminar (including meals) in a designated city with optional dinner at the end of the day
  • One mid-term seminar
  • One full day certification seminar (including dinner) in a designated city

Take the test to find your Employer Branding Maturity level!

In order for you to get the most value out of the World Class Employer Branding training the first step is to identify your current knowledge. The test will help our Employer Branding specialists adapt the training so that it suits your needs.

Course Modules

The programme consists of five modules. After completion you will receive your World Class Employer Branding certificate.


    Purpose: This module will give you an understanding of the value of employer branding and its critical role in the long-term success of your organisation.


    • How to argue for, anchor and share employer branding issues internally.
    • Understand the business plan and how to connect it to employer branding, recruitment and talent management within your organisation.
    • Define target groups and target group analysis

    Purpose: This module will help you to develop an employer branding strategy that fully supports long-term business objectives, as well as setting the right KPIs for your needs.


    • Develop and optimize an Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Get the right tools for how to share and get the buy-in from important stakeholders within your organisation. And finally – how to put together execution plans.
    • Develop KPIs and set goals that are directly related to the business plan.

    Purpose:This module will help you develop talent personas, find the stories that support your EVP and spread them through the most effective channels.


    • Develop the right communication mix.
    • Develop an action plan
    • Formulate your message(s)
    • Identifying and using the right channels, including social media, when communicating your employer brand to your target groups.

    Purpose: This module will introduce methods for continuous follow-up and how to take actions based on your findings. It will also help you get your message across internally.


    • Evaluation and follow-up of the on-going Employer Branding strategies and plans
    • Tangible measurement of ROI and KPIs
    • Presentation skills

    Purpose: Start using the knowledge and tools you have acquired during the course the last module.

    Content: The last module is a real case challenge where you apply your knowledge, tools and structure in a final exercise, which will be presented live during the final certification day where you will receive useful feedback from our experienced employer branding specialists

Who’s this training intended for?

Strategic Human Resources is key to success no matter what industry we are talking about. But at the same time it is a field that is becoming more and more complex. The World Class Employer Branding training gives you a unique skillset, enabling you to find and engage talent and link your work to the business overall objectives.

  • Employer Branding specialists
  • Employer Branding managers
  • HR-managers
  • HR-generalists
  • Communication managers
  • Marketing professionals


On completion of the course you will receive a unique certification diploma and a digital certification badge proving you are qualified to build a high level Employer Branding strategy, executing it, measuring it and linking it to business objectives. The Employer Branding certification issued by the Academy is an extremely important step in formalising the field of Employer Branding.

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