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  • 5 STEPS to getting your employer branding KPIs right

    So, we have all heard that an increased focus on talent is required by organiza- tions in the coming years. We have also heard that a more strategic approach to talent is needed. If a ”people strategy” is going to be an organization’s most importan...

  • 4 reasons why talent personas are something you should consider

    With the ongoing digitalization come many benefits, one of which is the dramatically increased opportunity for targeted marketing. Simply put, it’s a lot easier to find those exact consumers, voters or even talent that you are eagerly trying to...

  • 9 steps to work strategically with employer branding

    The talent market is rapidly evolving: Never has current and future talent been more important to business success than it is today. Today, organizations discuss having a “people advantage” and work with “talent optimization.” There are also new titles an...

  • We join forces with LeapVault to bring the Employer Branding Academy to India

    Employer branding leader, Universum, joins forces with LeapVault to offer talent management’s most in demand global qualification in India.

  • Purpose Driven Employer Brands

    Work without purpose is like life without love. It's not surprising that organizations are increasingly choosing purpose-driven employer brands. People feel more passionate about what they do if they feel they can make a difference, and purposeful compani...

  • What our previous participants in EMEA have said about the training

    We asked our former Employer Branding Academy participants to share their experience with us.

  • What our previous participants in APAC have said about the training

    We asked our former Employer Branding Academy participants to share their experience with us.

  • The Art of Employer Brand Positioning

    We share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. 1% can make quite a difference. Or at least we’d like to think so. Research into the similarities between the human and chimpanzee genomes was first published in 2005. It revealed that while humankind split from...

  • From Brand Reputation to Brand Experience

    ​Abraham Lincoln said: “Character is the tree, reputation is the shadow.” The ultimate strength of an employer brand lies in the character of the organization. Marketing can amplify this character, but it can never replace it. For this reason the most ess...

  • From Brand Awareness to Brand Vitality

    Recruitment marketing success tends to be measured in terms of relatively short-term results (engagement, applications, hires). However, it is also important to consider the more cumulative, longer term effects of these marketing activities on employer br...

  • Webinar: Employer Brand Metrics with Richard Mosley

    Employer Brand Metrics with Richard Mosley

  • From Recruitment Efficiency to Marketing Effectiveness

    The staple recruitment marketing measure for many years was cost per hire, and more specifically media cost per hire. This derived from the time when your return on investment for recruitment advertising was the applications it generated, or further up th...

  • Talent Market Insights from Lucky Dip to Chocolate Chip

    On some days your Mr Whippy ice cream van doesn’t sell much ice cream. Why? Well you first need to understand the kind of people who’re likely to perform well at ice cream eating (have you met my children?). You need to understand the kind of ice cream th...

  • Why invest in employer brand? ...to compelling ROI

    Forget that Great Barrier Reef job, the sexiest jobs in the twenty-first century will be in data science. This was the prediction made by Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil in the Harvard Business Review. They should know. They’re data scientists. They crunc...

  • Why a strong employer brand needs a clear EVP

    Strong brands are founded on consistently positive associations built through consistent brand communication and experience. The only way to achieve this is to be crystal clear about what your brand stands for and the benefits your brand promises to deliv...

  • A straight-forward definition of terms

    The last thing the world needs is more jargon. You would think that the term ‘employer brand’ would be enough, but if it’s your job to build a strong employer brand you generally need a few additional technical terms to get the job done well.

  • Why HR should lead EVP development but never go it alone

    The first fundamental lesson of effective EVP development is that it pays to involve a wide range of stakeholders. The core development team, or steering group, should include representatives from HR, Talent Management and Resourcing, Marketing and Commun...

  • Why 'One Branding' and 'Employer Branding' can live happily ever after

    Doesn’t the notion of an employer brand undermine the integrity of the corporate brand? If you’ve defined your core values, why do you need an EVP? These are very common challenges to anyone involved in developing an EVP and employer brand strategy.

  • Why employer brands need strength and stretch

    The most effective EVPs combine credible ‘here and now’ strengths solidly grounded in the current employment experience and more future focused, stretch aspirations, underpinned by tangible leadership commitments and planned investment.