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Employer branding has become a compulsory organisational discipline, but to do it successfully you need the right tools, skills and knowledge.


The Employer Branding Academy, in partnership with Universum, is the only globally recognized professional qualification in employer branding strategy and execution. Over 500 of the world’s largest and most revered employers have already put members of their HR, talent and marcoms teams through the course, and reported immediate success. Now you have the chance to enjoy a totally risk-free taste of the platform they’re getting excited about.
This free trial opens up the full first module of the four module course, giving you seven days to explore the eLearning platform and finish the module. At the end of the trial you have no obligation to take the course further but, once you’ve seen it, we’re sure you’ll want to go deeper and become a certified employer branding professional yourself.

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Sign up for a free trial and start your employer branding journey today! 

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